Re: Aha! The three-man 767 rears its ugly head...

From: (Christopher Davis)
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Date:         06 Jan 93 01:06:31 PST
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KS> == Karl Swartz <kls@ohare.Chicago.COM>

 KS> They agreed that none of the United 767s have a three-person flight
 KS> deck, including the second 767 built (N601UA; the first is still with
 KS> Boeing) which one of the guys had been on recently.

The aforementioned first 767 was last seen (by me anyway :) at Boeing
Field, looking kinda lonely (it's been sitting there a fairly long time).
Unfortunately I don't have anywhere near enough influence to get a look at
the cockpit layout...

Just for kicks, I looked it up in JP; here's the pertinent info.

N767BA, Boeing 767-200 (that's right, 00, a reserved customer code), msn
22233, line number 1 (duh), built in '81, delivered 0981, uses a pair of PW
JT9D-74RDs, configuration is listed as "prototype", and remarks are "Boeing
Co./ US Army AOA program".

The AOA (Airborne Optical Adjunct) program modifications include a "growth"
along the top of the fuselage, with some sort of hatchway about where first
class would have been.  I'm not really familiar with the program and don't
have a good back index of AvLeaks to look it up in...

(Other notes on the 757/767: the 757 prototype, N757A, was sitting nearby;
the AWACS version of the 767 is looking to be launched by Japan soon [see
AWST 4 Jan 1993 pp 22-23]; UPS has launched the 767 cargo variant.)

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