CD players in aircraft cabin

Date:         01 Feb 93 14:28:50 PST
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This is a follow-up on the very interesting and educating discussion 
about effects of CD players causing EMI problems in cabin. I have
a question which may be of relevance to this discussion. CD players
and cellular phones are relatively low sources of EMI as when compared
to the much greater source - lightning. Mr Drinkard in his reply
mentioned that weight is a primary consideration in the decision to
limit shielding of wires and cables running inside an airliner.
In this regard I have two questions:

(1) Will this relative lack of shielding be enough to ward off
extraneous EMI emitted by a lightning bolt ?

(2) To what extent does the aircraft's skin itself act as a natural 
shield ?

Finally since Mr. Drinkard is from Boeing I would also like to
know how does this philosophy about shielding change with respect
to the 777 as it will be a fly-by-wire airliner where EMI could
affect control actuation as well.

I hope that these questions are relevant and at the same time not
FAQs. Hope to get a response soon.