Re: McDonnel Douglas warns against carry-on electronic devices

From: (Marshal "Airborne" Perlman)
Organization: University of Denver, Dept. of Math & Comp. Sci.
Date:         01 Feb 93 14:28:49 PST
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Electronics and planes just don't mix... 99% of the time, a CD player or
radio will have 0 effect, but that one time, when you crank up "RUSH" too
loud, and the spoilers pop out at 45,000 feet, and the thrust reversers
activate, you'll be sorry, hehehe ok..that is a bit overkill, but it makes 
a point, no?

I heard a story of a pilot having problems with his plane becuase the mag
wires were getting charged with electricity via (this is what I heard)
a CBer with a few thousand watt linear.... sounds impossible, but then
again, we all know, in little planes, anything can happen... (like some bastard
in a Decathlon could almost have KILLED you yesterday...>HINT HINT<)

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