Re: First Flights on airliners

From: (Kevin Driscoll)
Date:         06 Jan 93 01:06:30 PST
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> I caught the tail-end of an episode of "First Flights," on the Arts & 
> Entertainment Network, which dealt with advanced-technology airliners,
> Wednesday night.  There were segments on the MD-12, the Fokker 100, and
> the MD-80.  I only saw about the last 8 minutes, so assume the A320 or A310, 
> and Boeing products, were featured in the first 20.  

   I had set my VCR to record this while I was away over the Holidays.
This episode was titled "Mass Transit in the Sky".  It started by saying
that just after commercial jet transport's infancy (707), the Europeans
went for speed with the SST and the US went for size (principally the
747); and then the Europeans had to play catch up after making this mistake.
It then discussed DC10, L1011, and A300 as wide bodies for airlines that
couldn't use the 747 size.  It then had a short discussion of the
A320's envelope protection vs pilot control controversy.  Immediately
after that was MD11, which is the point at which you apparently tuned in.
You didn't miss much.  I also recorded the next week's episode, "By the
Seat of Their Pants", about the pioneering (turn of the century) planes.