Re: Terror at 41,000'

From: (Greg Cronau)
Organization: Chaos & Confusion, Entropy Division
Date:         26 Jan 93 23:47:07 PST
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In article <airliners.1993.98@ohare.Chicago.COM> ak336@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (John Dill) writes:
>[Long story about 727 near disaster deleted]

Interesting. I seem to remember a newspaper story sometime around the late
70's early 80's, about either a 707 or DC-8 that rolled out at altitude,
I believe it was attributed to windshear, and didn't recover untill it was
down to about 2-3000 ft. Same procedure, it had to drop flaps and gear to
get the speed under controll. The plane went supersonic. I'm fairly certain it
was a DC-8 because I distinctly remember the article stating that they had
to reverse thrust on the 2 inboard engines(!!!!) to get their speed down.
Anybody remember this one?

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