Re: Tire burn-out during landings

From: (Paul Raveling)
Organization: Unify Corporation (Sacramento)
Date:         06 Jan 93 01:06:30 PST
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In article <airliners.1993.3@ohare.Chicago.COM>, (Paul Raveling) writes:
> 	Tires have to be replaced more often than I personally might have
> 	expected.  My dad says that the Western Airlines record for most
> 	landings between changing sets of tires was 283, and was held by
> 	a DC-10.  It would be interesting to know some statistics for
> 	mean replacement frequency and cost, which have doubtless changed
> 	some since he worked for Western.  With tire pressures of 190 psi
> 	and loading on the order of tens of thousands of pounds per tire,
> 	not counting forces at touchdown, it figures that they won't be cheap.

	Something I found out since was that Western didn't own its
	tires, it leased them.  I still haven't heard an actual cost,
	but billing was on a per-landing basis.

	Another footnote suggesting that tires are fairly expensive
	is that they were recapped as many as 10 times before being

Paul Raveling