Airliner Accident Book Recommendations?

Organization: University of Saskatchewan
Date:         26 Jan 93 23:47:06 PST
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     I just finished reading _Unfriendly Skies_ by Captain X, and I've also
more or less read through _Blind Trust_ by an author whose name I've forgotten.
I found the first book to be somewhat opinionated and, well, not that 
informative.  It came across as more of a list of complaints from a
pilot than a source of interesting information.  The second book was 
fairly good, but many of the accidents described were from the seventies, with
only a few from the early eighties (it was published in 1986). 
     I've read _Freefall_, the story of the Air Canada 767 that ran out of fuel
over Manitoba because there was a burnt out diode (or something) in the fuel
gauge system and the crew couldn't convert from metric to Imperial units (!!). 
This book was good, but it was about an accident that happened in 1983 so it's
a bit old.

     Does anybody have any recommendations about good books concerning airliner
accidents (particularly recent ones)?  I'm not a morbid person, but I do find
the stories and descriptions of airplane problems/crashes/accidents/
near-misses/etc. to be quite vivid and interesting (when well written).  They
give insights into various aspects of technology and the human element...sort
of like a good episode of Trek :) 


Peter How, Grad Stud.
University of Saskatchewan
Saskatoon, SK