Re: Trijet engine mounts

From: (Robert Dorsett)
Date:         26 Jan 93 23:47:04 PST
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Michael Weiss wrote:

> That has me wondering about the L-1011; the engine
> is mounted inside the fuselage, so it is difficult to tell if it is pitched
> from horizontal.  Does anyone know if it is?

It is pitched up relative to the longitudinal axis of the airplane [1]

> And, speaking of the 727, does anyone know if its center engine
> is pitched?

The 727 #2 engine axis is aligned with the longitudinal axis of the airplane,
so no, it is not pitched up.  [2]


[1] Wild, Thomas, _Transport Category Aircraft Systems_, IAP, 1990, p. 26.
ISBN 0-89100-363-0.

[2] _Case Study in Aircraft Design: The Boeing 727_, AIAA Professional Study
Series, 1978, p. 28, p. 33.

Robert Dorsett!!rdd