The Rush to ORD......

From:         ak336@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (John Dill)
Organization: Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH (USA)
Date:         23 Jan 93 02:06:55 PST
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 One of the sectors I work as a controller at Cleveland Center is a high
(24,000' to 60,000') altitude sector over southern Michigan. This sector
works a ton of inbound traffic to ORD, most of it from the east coast and
New England areas. Our biggest task is to space two constant streams of
a/c into one line before we hand them off to Chicago Center. This involves
many speed adjustments and lots of vectors...though the patient controllers
have found that speed changes are easier for both flight crews and con-
 The differing cruise speeds of our modern jet fleet require alot of
conjoling and pleading with the pilots. In an American Airlines rush into
ORD we have to space DC10's and B747's from JFK and Europe, with MD80's and
Fokker 100's from New York State and New England. At any rate, I thouhgt
you folks might be interested in the various cruise speeds of the different
aircraft. (If given a choice, take the faster one, and put your wife on the
slower one, so you can have a beer at the airport bar while awaiting her
 B747, DC10, L1011, MD11....mach 83 to mach 85
 B727, B767, A300, A320,....mach 80 to mach 82
 DC9........................mach 78 to mach 80
 MD80, B737.................mach 73 to mach 76
 FK100....(get a life!).....mach 71 to mach 74

These speeds are of course up to the flight crew...I've had B737 pilots
in a hurry go mach 80...but they burn fuel like mad.
Our job is to get the fast guys to slow down and the slow ones to speed
up...or suffer a vector off course for spacing.
The one I'd pick is not on the list and doesn't fly into ORD anyway, but
if you take the Concorde you'll be DRUNK when she gets there.
John Dill
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