Re: Airbus safety

From: (Derek H Cedillo)
Organization: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Date:         03 Dec 92 00:40:13 PST
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>Besides "cosmetic" issues like tactile feedback, and some layout issues, 
>the 767 is pretty close to an A320 - as you have said (I think - 
>sorry if I misquote you)

Im sorry, but I dont think cockpit layout and feedback are
"cosmetic".  These are pretty important issues.  Actually, these
are the main gripes about teh A320.  
If the cockpit is non-convential, its not a cosmetic issue,
but rather a problematic issue.  And think about steering your car
without knowing how much of a turn will take you until your there.
A prime example of lack of feedback is a digital stereo.
Think of how many times you over shoot the radio station your 
looking for because you get no feel of how fast the thing is 
going through stations (other than visually).  
Or perhaps if you put the radio knob where the lights knob
was and vice versa.  As these two things are not life or death
threatening, imagine if they were something for steering and braking.
Oh well, maybe some dumb analogies but i hope you get the picture.  
Feedback and layout are not "cosmetic".


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