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From:         yarvin@CS.YALE.EDU (Norman Yarvin)
Organization: Yale Computer Science Department
Date:         03 Dec 92 00:40:09 PST
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  or MIME structure (Derek H Cedillo) writes:
>I hate to see GE lose a part of itself, but it was a wise move.

A relative of mine works in a satellite manufacturing plant in New Jersey
which is part of the deal.  (He refers to that plant, and I don't know how
much else, as "Astro".)  It was bought by GE from RCA two or three years ago.
He says that when GE took charge, they made many changes for the worse.  For
instance they brought in a computerized procurement system which was
inappropriate for the satellite business -- it would have been better suited
to a light bulb factory.

Since Martin Marietta has much more interest in satellites than GE did, he
has hopes that the new transition will not be as bad.

Norman Yarvin