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From: (David Moore)
Organization: Rational
Date:         03 Dec 92 00:40:08 PST
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kls@ohare.Chicago.COM (Karl Swartz) writes:

>Oh yes, it was a South African 747SP delivery that held a record for
>longest flight (time or distance or both) for a jetliner or some such.
>That may still stand but I wouldn't be too surprised if a 747-400 had
>subsequently established a new record.

QANTAS was crowing about their non-stop 747-400 delivery flight from
London to Sydney when I flew with them a couple of years back. I think
they were claiming records, but I do not remember for sure. Certainly, it
is a long flight.

To do it, they had to get a specially formulated (higher energy/kilo) fuel
and the crew's luggage flew separately. Naturally, the flight magazine
was silent on the question, but I imagine the crew also flew in their under-wear 
to further reduce weight.

I have no idea why they were delivering via London.