Re: The Sporty Game -- Boeing 757

From:         Christopher Davis <>
Date:         02 Dec 92 13:18:57 PST
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RJ> == Robert Jacobson <> 

 RJ> As a frequent air traveler, I find the 757 to be positively the
 RJ> most uncomfortable aircraft now flying.  One can begin with the
 RJ> ubiquitous TV monitors hanging from the ceilings every few rows,
 RJ> which cannot be dimmed or turned off even on a red-eye, and
 RJ> progress to the remarkable number of seats that can be squeezed
 RJ> into row upon row of stifled passengers.  It may be a technical
 RJ> feat, but I know instruct my travel agent to pass on any flight
 RJ> requiring me to take a 757.  Yeck.

What airlines are you flying?  The 757's monitors *are* turned off on
most of the flights I've seen (except for the coast-to-coast nonstops,
where they're on for the movie and/or the "video magazine").  The seat
pitch seems to be better than the predecessor 727-200s usually have
(especially if you get the right seats; the NW 757s have four large
doors per side instead of 3 large doors and two overwing exits, making
for a number of seats with immense legroom).

The 757 isn't a widebody, but (to me anyway) it has many of the best
features of widebodies (it only lacks the second aisle for use in
getting around meal carts :).

(What aircraft *are* you flying on, if you're not on 757s?)