Re: 757 highest thrust to weight ratio ?

From: (Terrell D. Drinkard)
Organization: Boeing
Date:         01 Dec 92 23:15:24 PST
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In article <airliners.1992.39@ohare.Chicago.COM> Bob Coggeshall <coggs@Hongkong.Cogwheel.COM> writes:
>I've heard that the 757 has a very high thrust to weight ratio. Just
>how high is it ? Is it the highest of any commercial jetliner ?

My back-of-the-envelope calculations would suggest about a .38 thrust to
weight ratio.  That is assuming the RR RB211-535E4B gives around 42,000 lb
thrust (SLST) at a MTOW of 220,000 lb.  I'm not aware of anyone who
actually bought that configuration, though.  Oh, and on their acceptance
flight tests, (I got to fly one on a 737-400 once) these babies are *empty*
and climb like homesick angels.  I have seen VSIs pegged (6,000fpm+).

>I've also heard that there is a boeing-internal video of it 
>during tests doing an [almost?] straight vertical climb. 

I've never seen it, but then I don't do any flight test stuff.

>What are the facts here ?

Excellent question! :-)

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