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From: (Robert Dorsett)
Organization: Capital Area Central Texas UNIX Society, Austin, Tx
Date:         01 Dec 92 23:15:23 PST
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In article <airliners.1992.52@ohare.Chicago.COM> you write:
>In article <airliners.1992.41@ohare.Chicago.COM> (System Support) writes:
>>Maybe someone can help me. I'm trying to get hold of a new book about
>>Boeing entitled something like "The Boeing Story".  Does anyone have
>>any ideas about such a book, author?
>As Christopher Davis pointed out, "Legend and Legacy" sounds like the
>book you're after.  

It might also be "Boeing: Planemaker since 1916," by one Philip M. Bowers.
It's an exhaustive review of all the airplanes (and variants) Boeing's 
produced, sort of a mini Jane's.  It's a long book (over 600 pages).  It
appeared at Bookstop here in Austin sometime this summer; it's about $36.

Robert Dorsett!!rdd