Re: The Sporty Game -- Boeing 757

From: (Noah Cole)
Organization: Macalester College, St. Paul Minnesota USA
Date:         01 Dec 92 23:15:21 PST
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  or MIME structure (Greg Wright) writes:

> I think that you will find that every attempt at a shortened version
>of one of our planes has had limited success. Take the 747SP for example.
>Airlines tend not to like the sorted versions very much. In $/seat or $/mile
>these versions are too expensive to run. There is a real problem having
>too much engine or wing with them. We find it is better to stretch if


How many airlines use 747SP's today? I have a poster from Popular Mechanics
that was around the arrival of the 747-400 with a drawing of a United
747SP and it said that the 747SP set a record flying from Payne Field, Washington to South Africa.  Was that SAA? Who flies the 747SP Today and on what routes?

-Noah Cole
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