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Date:         Wed, 18 Nov 1992 09:40:20 GMT
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In article <airliners.1992.4@ohare.Chicago.COM> (Jerry Anderson) writes:
>Is the Boeing 747-300 the largest commercial passenger aircraft
>in the world?  Is the -300 the latest version, or are there
>newer, possibly larger stretched versions of the 747?

The 747-300 is simply a -200 with an Extended Upper Deck, which allows
greater seating.  The only 747 model currently being produced is the
747-400, which shares the same fuselage dimensions as the -300 version
and visually is quite similar, the most noticeable difference being
winglets at the wingtips and subtle engine differences.  Internally,
the -400 is a *very* different aircraft, including a two-person cockpit
and new, more powerful, and more fuel efficient engines.  MGTOW is up
to at least 870,000 from 833,000 for the -200/-300 models and range is
substantially increased as well.

Unless the Russians have something which I've missed, the 747-400 is
easily the largest commercial passenger aircraft in terms of number of
seats and payload.  Its range is also the greatest of anything now in
service, though the Airbus A340 will exceed it once it enters service
next year.

>I've heard Boeing, McDonnell-Douglas and Airbus all have plans
>in the works for Really Big Planes in the 600-700 passenger,
>7500-8000 mile range.  Does anyone know if these planes are
>really going to get built, or is this the usual "if we can
>pre-sell a couple of hundred, maybe we'll really build it?"

No manufacturer (well, except for Airbus) would build a new aircraft
just for grins.  If they have tangible demand in the form of orders
they'll build it, if not, they won't.  Given the current state of the
airline industry major new orders aren't likely in the near future.

>    McDonnell-Douglas   MD-11    1993
>    Airbus              AE-400   1994
>    Boeing              777      1995-6

All three of these are much smaller than what you're thinking of.
Here are the important parameters for these three plus the 747-400
for comparison.  Seating is for a "typical" three-class cabin and
service is the date of first service; MGTOW is in US pounds.

    Mfr.      Type      MGTOW    seating  service
    Boeing    747-400   870,000    430     1989
    MacDAC    MD-11     618,000    250     1991
    Airbus    A-340     559,000    230     1993
    Boeing    777       515,000   ~220     1995

In the 600+ passenger market, Boeing has talked about both further
stretches of the 747 and an entirely new aircraft, sometimes using
the N650 moniker.  McDonnell-Douglas has most recently talked about
the MD-12 -- once yet another stretch of the MD-11 -- as a new and
much larger aircraft, also in the 600+ passenger category.  Airbus
has said that if there is demand and/or if Boeing builds such an
aircraft, Airbus will build one too.  The name A600 or maybe A2000
seems vaguely familiar though I can't locate any references.

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