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From:         Christopher Davis <>
Date:         01 Dec 92 13:54:48 PST
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ckd> == Christopher Davis <Christopher Davis <>> 
Michael> == System Support <> 

 Michael> Maybe someone can help me. I'm trying to get hold of a new
 Michael> book about Boeing entitled something like "The Boeing Story".
 Michael> Does anyone have any ideas about such a book, author? Any help
 Michael> would be much appreciated.

 ckd> This might be the Robert Serling _Legend & Legacy_, which I hope
 ckd> to find the time to do a book review on, eventually.  *Very* good
 ckd> book.  (I don't have an ISBN handy, the book's at home.)

Okay, I'm at home now...information follows in (hopefully) refer format:

%A Robert J. Serling
%T Legend & Legacy: The Story of Boeing and Its People
%P 480
%I St. Martin's Press
%C New York
%D 1992
%O ISBN 0-312-05890-X
%Y US$24.95 (hc)

There is a photo section in the center, including some interesting
"747-300" shots (a trimotor design in the same class as the
L-1011/DC-10, which obviously never saw production), the 2707 SST
mockup, the Boeing hydrofoil (one of which I once rode on between
Victoria BC and Seattle as the _Flying Princess_), and some others.  It
does not include the Boeing light rail vehicle (streetcar) that Boston
and San Francisco wound up with.

(Interesting note: I have had the [probably extremely rare] experience
of having been a passenger in Boeing vehicles below ground, at ground
level, at (and slightly above) sea level on water, and of course the
traditional jet cruising altitudes.  Now if I could have only managed a
trip to the Moon; both the Saturn first stage and the Lunar Rover...)