Boeing 747-300

From: (Jerry Anderson)
Date:         Tue, 17 Nov 92 10:41:51 CST
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Is the Boeing 747-300 the largest commercial passenger aircraft
in the world?  Is the -300 the latest version, or are there
newer, possibly larger stretched versions of the 747?

I've heard Boeing, McDonnell-Douglas and Airbus all have plans
in the works for Really Big Planes in the 600-700 passenger,
7500-8000 mile range.  Does anyone know if these planes are
really going to get built, or is this the usual "if we can
pre-sell a couple of hundred, maybe we'll really build it?"
Does anyone have model numbers, specs (passengers, range), or
projected delivery dates?  These numbers come from memory, and
I have no faith in them at all:

    Company             Model    Delivery
    -------             ------   --------
    McDonnell-Douglas   MD-11    1993
    Airbus              AE-400   1994
    Boeing              777      1995-6

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