MD-11 milestone dates

From:         Christopher Davis <>
Date:         01 Dec 92 00:13:26 PST
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KS> == Karl Swartz <kls@ohare.Chicago.COM> 

 KS> Having received several other submissions mentioning earlier service
 KS> dates I decided to look up the real dates for the MD-11 and hopefully
 KS> nail the lid on the debate once and for all.

 KS> date	 LN   reg'n	note
 KS> ----	 --   -----	----
 KS> Dec 21 1990 453  N891DL	delivery of Delta's first two MD-11s, leased
 KS> 		 454  N892DL	  from Mitsui (GE engines; Delta's own are PW)

Interesting note on these two; I was on a DL flight from CVG-BOS last
night (Thanksgiving travel :) and was looking in the seat pocket (trying
to find a DL postcard I didn't already have, actually) and noted their
"supplemental" emergency information card, which covers the aisle
lighting (red lights at exits, white elsewhere) now standard.

The card listed all of DL's jet types, with an interesting note next to
MD-11: "(except ships 891 and 892)".  After looking in JP, we realized
that these were the "odd couple" and that explained it.

(Unrelated notes: 757 BOS-CVG, 727 CVG-CLE, 727 CLE-CVG, 757 CVG-BOS,
and the outdoor viewing deck at CLE was closed (sigh) but at least the
glassed-in area was open...)