A320 loses wheels and skids 200 feet

From:         cid@athena.mit.edu (Derek H Cedillo)
Organization: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Date:         01 Dec 92 00:13:24 PST
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A Mexicana A320 Lost its nose gear on takeoff at LAX
(flt #901 @3:25PM)
The aircraft was fairly new, what I was wondering, 
was what it takes exactly to lose a gear, especially 
on take off.  Landing, you have a lot more stress and what not.
My main concern is that with it being a relatively new
aircraft, long term stress and maintainence problems
shouldnt be much of a factor, thus implying either a tragic
design flaw or machining flaw/one time error. 
I realize that ther rest of the A320's problems
dont stem from things like this but mainly from control
problems.  Does anyone have specific info on what it would/did
take to have this gear fail?  


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