Re: The Sporty Game -- Boeing 757

From: (Greg Wright)
Organization: Boeing
Date:         01 Dec 92 00:13:23 PST
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In article <airliners.1992.27@ohare.Chicago.COM> kls@ohare.Chicago.COM (Karl Swartz) writes:
>I'm *still* surprised that Boeing hasn't made much noise (maybe none)
>about plugging this obvious hole by offering a 757-100 or whatever --
>a shortened 757 like the original proposal and a real replacement for
>the 727-200.  Even with United it never seemed to come up, instead all
>the discussion focussing on a massively stretched and pulled and re-
>designed 737-600.  True, a 757 is more expensive (~ $45 million versus
>$30 - 35 million) but the changes embodied in the 737-600 would surely
>have added tremendously to the price.
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 I think that you will find that every attempt at a shortened version
of one of our planes has had limited success. Take the 747SP for example.
Airlines tend not to like the sorted versions very much. In $/seat or $/mile
these versions are too expensive to run. There is a real problem having
too much engine or wing with them. We find it is better to stretch if


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