MD-11 milestone dates

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Date:         Wed, 25 Nov 1992 10:27:58 GMT
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In article <airliners.1992.29@ohare.Chicago.COM> (Robert Dorsett) writes:
>Michael Weiss wrote:
>>>    McDonnell-Douglas   MD-11    1993

>>Try 1992.  The MD-11 was certified in October of 1991.  

>By the end of 1991, MDC had made in excess of 30 deliveries of the MD-11.
>First deliveries tend to follow certification VERY quickly.

Having received several other submissions mentioning earlier service
dates I decided to look up the real dates for the MD-11 and hopefully
nail the lid on the debate once and for all.

date		LN   reg'n	note
----		--   -----	----
Jan 10 1990	447  N11MD	first flight
Nov  9 1990	 -   -		type certificate issued (GE CF6-80C2 engines)
Nov 29 1990	455  OH-LGA	first delivery (PR event, to Finnair)
Dec  7 1990	455  OH-LGA	actual title transfer (at Las Vegas)
Dec 18 1990	 -   -		type certificate issued (P&W PW4460 engines)
Dec 20 1990	455  OH-LGA	first revenue service (Finnair,	Helsinki-
				  Tenerife charter)
Dec 21 1990	453  N891DL	delivery of Delta's first two MD-11s, leased
		454  N892DL	  from Mitsui (GE engines; Delta's own are PW)
Jan 24 1991	456  HL7371	first delivery of PW4460 version (to Korean)
Feb  5 1991	454  N892DL	first scheduled service (DL 4049 ATL-DFW-MCO)
Feb  6 1991	453  N891DL	first scheduled int'l (LAX-NRT; arrived LAX
				  previous day operating DL 4039 ATL-DFW-LAX)
Jun 27 1991	447  N601FE	delivery of first MD-11 (to Federal Express,
				  after refitting by Aerotest in Mojave, CA)

Roughly 35 MD-11s had been delivered by the end of 1991; McDonnell-
Douglas got off to a rather slow start because nearly every one of the
early aircraft were different, including passenger, freight, and combi
versions, some with GE engines and others with Pratt and Whitney.  The
Rolls-Royce version was cancelled after the demise of Air Europe.

BTW, note that line number 447 is the first MD-11.  446 was the last
of the last of the DC-10 line, a KC-10 if I'm not mistaken.

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