Re: Emergency Oxygen Masks

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Date:         Wed, 25 Nov 1992 00:40:45 GMT
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Gary Jacobs ( comments:

  | I'm curious what the test criteria [of oxygen masks] are and how often
  | is it done?  I'd also like to know what the failure rate is?

I was on a flight the other day (B-747) when an oxygen mask dropped by
accident in the business class cabin.  I was horrified to see that the
plastic tubing that connects the mask to the oxygen supply was
brownish-colored due to age.  I have an aquarium at home, and I know how
long it takes for air-tubing to turn brown.  While it is quite conceivable
that they use a higher grade of tubing in aircraft, that is not awfully
reassuring, because low-grade or high-grade, old tubing is old tubing.  I
shudder to think what condition the rest of the system is in.


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