Re: hydraulic problems with DC-10's??

From:         Dave Williamson <ditka!violin!dmw%piccolo>
Organization: AT&T BL0512310
Date:         Sun, 22 Nov 92 16:44:33 EST
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> Perhaps now I can get a more definitive answer to the following:
> Some of my pilot friends have accused the DC-10 as having a
> particularly bad history of hydraulic problems (which have contributed
> to a few crashes).  But do the statistics really support the notion
> ...

I don't have anything statistical (others have covered that quite
admirably) but I had a similar experience.

Being a pilot myself (just small stuff), I tend to meet a lot of
airline pilots.  A former instructor of mine introduced me to a
friend of his who was currently flying for a major airline.  This guy
referred to the DC-10 as the "Death-Cruiser 10" and said he wouldn't
fly in it under any circumstances, especially not as a pilot.

My personal opinion is that flying is still safer than other forms of
transportation, DC-10 accidents notwithstanding.  While I prefer
flying in a B7[456]7 (when I can't fly myself), I have no problem
getting into a DC-10 if that is what is at the gate.

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