The DC-10 Case

From: (Robert Dorsett)
Date:         Sat, 21 Nov 92 00:11:55 CST
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Newsgroups: sci.aeronautics,
From: (Robert Dorsett)
Subject: The DC-10 Case (non-review)
Date: Fri, 9 Oct 1992 06:16:16 GMT

Ran across this.  It looks like a nice little anthology, covering many aspects 
of the DC-10.  Probably worth it for the NTSB reports alone ($20 each from 
NTIS).  I haven't read the more "thematic" articles, though, and no 
endorsement is meant or implied.  


Title: The DC-10 Case
Subtitle: A study in applied ethics, technology, and society.
Editors: John H. Fielder and Douglas Birsch
Publisher: State University of New York Press
Date: 1992
Pages: 346
ISBN: 0-7914-1087-0 (hardcover) 
      0-7914-1088-9 (paper)


    Ethical Analysis of Case Studies/John H. Fielder
    1.  Regulatory and Institutional Framework
    2.  High Risks, Sinking Fortunes/John Newhouse
    3.  Floors, Doors, Latches and Locks/John Fielder
    4.  The 1970 Ground Testing Incident/Paul Eddy, Elaine Potter, 
        Bruce Page
    5.  National Transportation Safety Board Report on the Windsor 
    6.  The Applegate Memorandum/Paul Eddy, Elaine Potter, Bruce Page
    7.  Fat, Dumb and Happy: The Failure of the FAA/Paul Eddy, Elaine 
        Potter, Bruce Page
    8.  Compliance with Service Bulletin SB 52-37
    9.  Conclusions of the US Senate Oversight Hearings and Investigation
        of the DC-10 Aircraft
    10.  French Government Report on the 1974 Paris Crash
    11.  Engineers Who Kill: Professional Ethics and the Paramountcy of 
         Public Safety/Kenneth Kipnis
    12.  Whistleblowing, Ethical Obligation, and the DC-10/Douglas Birsch
    13.  What is Hamlet to McDonnel Douglas or McDonnell Douglas to Hamlet?: 
         DC-10/Peter French
    Commentary/Homer Stewell
    14.  Statement of John C. Brizendine, President, Douglas Aircraft Company,
         McDonnell Douglas Corporation
    15.  National Transportation Safety Board Report on the 1979 Chicago Crash
    16.  The DC-10: A Special Report/McDonnell Douglas
    17.  Two Models of Professional Responsibility/Martin Curd and Larry May
    18.  National Transportation Safety Board Report on the 1989 Sioux City 
    19.  The 1989 Sioux City Crash/John Fielder
    20.  Statement of Ralph Nader
    21.  Aviation Safety: Management Improvement Needed in FAA's Airworthiness
         Directive Program
    22.  The FAA, the Carriers, and Safety/Charles Perrow
    23.  International Airline Passengers Association Critique of the DC-10
    24.  Moral Responsibility for Engineers/Kenneth D. Alpern
    Commentary/Andrew Oldenquist
    Commentary/Samuel C. Florman
    Select Bibliography
    IEEE Code of Ethics
Back Cover:

"Designed as a textbook for courses in ethics, this book privdes the material
needed to understand the accidents in which more than 700 people were killed--
accidents that many believe were the result of unethical actions and inactions 
by individuals, organizations, and government agencies.  An introduction to 
ethical analysis and discussions of the ethical responsibilities involved are 
also provided.  The case study offers material for a sustained inquiry into 
every level of ethical responsiblity reflecting the rich complexity of actual 

"_The DC-10 Case_ presents these issues through a collection of original and 
published articles, excerpts from official accident reports, congressional 
hearings, and other writings on the DC-10.  The authors allow the readers to 
examine the ethical issues of airline safety as they actually occur, taking 
account of the circumstances in which they arise.

"John H. Fielder is is Professor and Douglas Birsch is Assistant Professor of
Philosophy at Villanova University."

Robert Dorsett!!rdd