Re: Tire burn-out during landings

From: (Paul Barnett)
Organization: Engineering, CONVEX Computer Corp., Richardson, Tx., USA
Date:         30 Dec 92 11:20:04 PST
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In <airliners.1992.200@ohare.Chicago.COM> yarvin-norman@CS.YALE.EDU (Norman Yarvin) writes:

>In any case, the practicality of preventing tires from disintegrating
>depends on how fast tires presently disintegrate.  How much matter really is
>there in that cloud of smoke?  Perhaps a gram per cubic meter of smoke?  And
>how much tire is left on the runway?  Do they have to go out and scrape it
>off now and then?  (I imagine not.)  Seems to me the loss of tire material
>is negligible also.  Compared, that is, with the other costs of running the

Actually, yes, they do go out and "scrape" it off now and then.
One popular method is very high pressure water jets.

Having said that, I will comment that the most convincing argument I
have heard so far is that the additional weight added by any spin-up
system would negate any reduction in tire wear.
Paul Barnett
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