Re: Aha! The three-man 767 rears its ugly head...

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Date:         29 Dec 92 22:53:52 PST
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In article <airliners.1992.185@royko.Chicago.COM> (Robert Dorsett) writes:

>I have no recollection of a picture of one of these critters, though.  Can
>someone clear up this matter?

Yesterday I flew back from Chicago on a 757, and since United takes
advantage of the common rating for flight crews on 757s and 767s I
figured the guys up front might be able to answer this question.

They agreed that none of the United 767s have a three-person flight
deck, including the second 767 built (N601UA; the first is still with
Boeing) which one of the guys had been on recently.  As far as either
could recall these aircraft were delivered without the third position
though they pointed out that the luxuriously roomy cockpit was because
the original design did have the third position, and one mentioned
that the first simulators had the FE panel.

Note that the first 767 actually delivered (to United) was the ninth
built.  The second one (again, Boeing kept the first) was delivered to
United six months later, time which could well have been spent removing
the FE panel as well as restoring the aircraft after the flight tests.

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