Re: Tire burn-out during landings

From: (Chuck Huffington)
Organization: Apex Computer Company
Date:         29 Dec 92 22:53:50 PST
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In article <airliners.1992.192@royko.Chicago.COM> inc@tc.fluke.COM (Gary Benson) writes:
>RE: Maintenance
>Maybe there would be NO cost, for example if the tires were designed so that
>their tread caught the wind and got their spin from that. Or maybe the hubs
>could be fitted with fans.

This has been done.  I have seen old tires with molded in "scoops" on
the sidewall that spun them up in the airstream.

I'm not sure but I seem to recall the idea was dropped because the
the additional wear on the brakes more than made up for the reduced
wear on the tires.  Apparently a lot of braking action occurs
when the not spinning tires hit the pavement.