Welcome to sci.aeronautics.airliners!

From:         Karl Swartz <kls@ohare.Chicago.COM>
Date:         Fri, 13 Nov 92 22:45:11 PST
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Welcome to sci.aeronautics.airliners!  This is a moderated newsgroup
for the discussion of airliners.  More precisely, the charter, taken
from the CFV, is as follows:

    A moderated discussion group on airliner technology: the design, 
    construction, performance, human factors, operation, and histories 
    of transport-category airplanes.

---------- ------

The moderation policy will in general be to post most articles as they
are submitted, rejecting articles only if they are redundant or mostly
content-free (a flood of random conjecture after a crash, for example)
or inappropriate to the charter of the group.  I expect to process new
submissions at least once per day, except occasional weekends and major
holidays.  If I anticipate longer delays I'll send a note to the group
and, when appropriate, arrange a backup moderator.


Submissions for the newsgroup should be sent to


If your newsreader properly supports posting to moderated newsgroups
(and your mailpaths file is correctly configured) you may prefer to
post articles -- this should have the same effect as sending mail to
the above address, with the added benefit of preserving some of the
reference information for those using threaded newsreaders.

Administrative questions pertaining to the group should be sent to



Several archives will be maintained and made available for anonymous
ftp.  Further details will be posted within the next few weeks.

------- ----

A mailing list form of the group is also being considered for people
lacking access to Usenet.  As with the archives, details will be
posted when they are available.


Many thanks are due to Robert Dorsett, who organized and ran the vote
and without whose perseverence this group would probably still be a
topic for idle dinner e-mail.  Thanks, too, to the 168 people who
voted fror the group.  (I'll refrain from any Bronx cheer to the 26
naysayers -- at least they voted!)

And thanks in advance to all of you eager contributors -- I'm eagerly
awaiting the first article!

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