Date:         28 Dec 92 22:47:45 PST
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I have an exercise that I would like to propose to the net.  This exercise is
intended to demonstrate that the collective creativity and expertise of net
participants can be harnessed via a specific methodology.  I think the net
should be exploited as a population of subject matter experts and a source of
user input from which the extracted information may be applied to solving real
design problems.  Through an iterative process of concept refinement, using
the collective knowledge base of the net, it may be possible that otherwise
undiscovered design questions, problems, concepts, capabilities, and etc be
revealed.  I am going to take a look at this idea by doing the following:  I
will post a purposely vague design question to the participants of the net. Do
with the information what you will.  For those of you who choose to
participate in the exercise, e-mail your individual responses to me.  Please
use the date of the post you are responding to in the subject field of the
message.  Also, be sure to include the date of the post you are responding to
in the body of the mail message.  Feel free to submit questions to the net for
clarification and discussion but I will not extract information directly from
the net.  If you need a definition or have a question, ask the net first.
About four weeks after the original post I will submit an edited compilation
of the net response.  This post will hopefully act to spark more ideas, make
clarifications, and identify problem areas.  The refinement process will
continue.  The net may then respond to the new description in order to patch
holes, make corrections, and propose changes.  This iterative process will
continue until responses die off and/or the concept is solidified.  I will
document this process and report the results (I will post the report). 

Sample question:

Let's say your are given a virtual reality system.  Your system consists of a 
high resolution wide field-of-view full color head mounted display devise 
(display), an extremely accurate head tracking system (transducer), and a 60Hz 
graphics generator (image generator).  Given this technology, how should it be
applied to the flight deck of a commercial airliner? 


Note:  Please indicate, in your e-mail responses, if you would like your name
and/or affiliation to be excluded from any publication which may result from
this exercise.  Any information on personal background or experience you want
to include may be of some use.  All credit and acknowledgements will be made
as appropriate.  My thanks to all who participate.