Re: Surviving a Commercial Aircraft Accident

From: (David Moore)
Organization: Rational
Date:         26 Dec 92 00:01:48 CST
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  or MIME structure (Niels Ejvind Andersen) writes:

>If the aircraft has ditched, don't inflate your life vest until you are
>outside the aircraft. 

One is usually instructed to inflate one half of the life vest while
in the cabin, and to fully inflate the vest once you have left the
aircraft. Were reasons given why this alternative procedure is

Did they say anything about US flights on which life vests are not provided?
I find it hard to believe that those floating cushions are of any value at all.

There is one other point which comes across clearly from the crew demonstrations - it
is important to remain smiling at all times during emergency procedures. Would 
I be right in thinking this is to reduce panic?