Re: Safety and design rankings (was Re: Flight controls)

From: (Ken Hoyme)
Organization: Honeywell Systems & Research Center, Mpls. MN, USA.
Date:         16 Dec 92 14:00:44 PST
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In article <airliners.1992.163@ohare.Chicago.COM> kls@ohare.Chicago.COM (Karl Swartz) writes:
> My understanding was that the 747-400 does *not* have a new wing but
> rather a tweaked version of the original.  I recall some statement
> from Boeing regarding the lack of winglets on the 777, which noted
> that the 777 had a new wing and starting from a clean slate it was
> more efficient to not have them, whereas working from an existing
> design as with the 747-400 it was helpful to have them.

I believe the winglets issue on the 777 was also complicated by the
folding wing option.  Which no one has ordered -- even those airlines
who originally expressed interest in the option.  Has development on the
folding wing stopped??  I had heard that Boeing was getting tired of the
investment required to keep the option open while not receiving any
orders for it.

>>The FMS's used on these airplanes are generally done by Honeywell, except
>>that Boeing's using Smiths Industries for the 737, for some reason.

> Boeing recently made a substantial change to the FMS on new 737s, and
> offers a retrofit kit for older new-generation 737s.  I believe this
> was a replacement ... perhaps away from Smiths?  Having observed the
> trials and tribulations of friends with MGs and their Smiths electrics
> I'm not enthusiastic about a Smiths FMS!  :-)

Me too!  But then, I *am* biased on this issue.  :-)  However, I do not
believe that the part of Smiths that supports cars and the part that
designs avionics has a whole lot to do with each other.  I suspect (but
do not know for certain) that Boeing's choice of Smiths might be related
to trying to get some competition in this area.

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