archive of articles (and other stuff) now available

From:         Karl Swartz <kls@ohare.Chicago.COM>
Date:         16 Dec 92 04:47:56 PST
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A first pass at an Airliners ftp archive is now available on, thanks to Helen Rose <>.  Access is via the
usual anonymous ftp; the following files are in the /pub/airliners

    archive-1992.Z  (187393 bytes)

	A compressed mail folder of the first 160 articles
	posted to sci.aeronautics.airliners.  (The last was
	dated December 14, 1992.)

	Next month, hopefully, the archive will be updated
	as soon as articles are posted, but for now this is
	being done by hand when the mood strikes.  :-)
    boeing-code  (6726 bytes)

	A list of Boeing customer codes -- the xx part of a
	designation such as 747-2xxB.

    specifications  (1776 bytes)

	Some e-scribblings of mine showing various useful
	parameters of some airliners, from which I computed
	the power/weight ratios discussed a few weeks ago.
	Hopefully this will evolve (or be replaced) into a
	complete reference.

Again, this is a first pass, mainly to get something out for some
folks who wanted it before the holidays.  In the next month or two
real-time archives of the newsgroup will be implemented, as will
several other sites.  More reference data will be made available
as well. 

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