Simulation software for transport category aircraft

From: (Gary Bisaga)
Organization: The Mitre Corporation, McLean Virginia
Date:         16 Dec 92 04:19:48 PST
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I am looking for some real-time flight simulation software for commercial
transport category aircraft, preferably public domain.  It can run on
most any kind of Unix platform (we use Sun, SGI, HP, IBM) or DOS.  It
need not have any graphical output (out the window, avionics, etc.) as
we have existing software to provide all of those functions, but it does
need a couple of things:
1) Relatively realistic (simple 6dof?) equations that can support commercial
   airliner-type flight models
2) Autoflight system including:
   a) At a minimum, inner loop auto-pitch/roll/throttle control
   b) Much better, outer loop altitude/heading/VS capture
   c) Preferably VOR/LOC/APP tracking loop
3) Flight model to go with all this

We have looked at point-mass models and they can do many things but we
need to be able to hand-fly with or without FD for certain operations.
(Obviously FD was not included in the above list because we can easily
develop that given the pitch/roll commands and other software we have.)

Any information is much appreciated.

Gary Bisaga (, 703-883-5543)