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In article <airliners.1992.160@ohare.Chicago.COM> (Noah Cole) writes:

>I think that it would be interesting to list all of the errors that
>TV and Film writers make in the airline/avation market.

I agree.  But TV and film is a bit far afield from airliners; perhaps
rec.arts.movies would be a better place.  If someone compiles a list
I'll consider it as for sci.aeronautics.airliners.

One bit of film goof trivia that perhaps *is* directly relavnt to
airliners is in United's safety video.  As has been mentioned else-
where on Usenet, the shot of folks sliding down the emergency slides
in the DC-10 version depicts a 747, as can be identified by the doors
and the fact that they open out to the side, not inside and up.  The
757 appears to use the same shot (awfully high up and it doesn't look
like a narrow-body aircraft).

One question I've had about this film, besides where they could find
a flight attendent or model who could smile so continuously, is what
type of aircraft the opener of the cockpit was taken on.  I always
manage to think about it when the scene is almost over.

>For example, on Dir Hard II many of the flights were not wide-bodied
>flights that came from the West VCoast etc..

Are you suggesting that all flights from the West Coast are wide
bodies?  That's hardly the case, of course.

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