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From: (Noah Cole)
Organization: Macalester College, St. Paul Minnesota USA
Date:         14 Dec 92 14:11:44 PST
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  or MIME structure (Christopher Davis) writes:

>I was just watching a movie on TV ("Gotcha").  One of the characters
>flew to Paris, and there was the obligatory "airplane landing" shot to
>establish that he "really flew" there...

>...on an Air France Cargo 747.  (The side titles very clearly had three
>words, though the last was hard to read; however, the "under-nose"
>titles indicated the 747 cargo variant with a nose door.)

I think that it would be interesting to list all of the errors that TV and Film
writers make in the airline/avation market.  For example, on Dir Hard II many
of the flights were not wide-bodied flights that came from the West VCoast
Anyone else seen things like this in films?

-MN, er Noah Cole
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