Re: hydraulic problems with DC-10's??

From:         Christopher Davis <>
Date:         Fri, 20 Nov 1992 00:03:12 -0500
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Karl> == Karl Swartz <kls@ohare.Chicago.COM> 

 Karl> Probably the best general interest discussion of the DC-10 and
 Karl> all its problems is in The Sporty Game, by John Newhouse (Alfred
 Karl> A. Knopf, New York, 1982).  Chapter 5 in particular goes into
 Karl> great detail, though it of course predates the Sioux City crash.

Other good books on the subject include Moira Johnston's _The Last Nine
Minutes_ (which, being 1976, only discusses the Turkish Airlines
Ermenonville crash and the Windsor "incident" which foreshadowed it) and
John Nance's _Blind Trust_ (1986, also predating Sioux City).  (The
latter discusses many other air safety issues and incidents, including
the Air Florida crash in Washington, DC in 1982.)

_The Sporty Game_ tends to show its age in other areas as well; the dire
predictions of market failure for the 747, 757, and 767 have not quite
been borne out by intervening events :)