Re: 737 Crash In Colorado Springs

From: (Barney Lum)
Organization: USC University Computing Services, Los Angeles
Date:         12 Dec 92 00:06:27 PST
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  or MIME structure (Barnick, R.) writes:
>In March 1991 a UAL 737 went down on final approach into COS.  The final
>accident investigation report was released a couple of days ago and carried
>no cause.  
   [ ... possible "hushing of report" due to UA's situation with
         gender/hiring/crewmember second-hand story by friend...]

>It seems odd that the final accident report that came out indeed did say

(the following is derived from UPI articles in The Wall Street Journal
       and )

   The final report issued by the National Transportation Safety Board 
   did not "say nothing", but rather was unable to come to a definite 
   conclusion as to the cause of the crash.  However, it did indicate 
   two  "most likely" events leading to the crash:

      1) malfunction in the directional control system.
	  (The rudder is referenced, but could not be id'd as causal) 
      2) unusually severe atmospheric disturbance. (rotor)

The articles go on to say that it's the "first time since 1974 that the 
board could not identify the cause of a major aviation accident."

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