Re: hydraulic problems with DC-10's??

From: (Paul Raveling)
Organization: Unify Corporation (Sacramento)
Date:         11 Dec 92 17:42:34 PST
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Several people: (Lars-Henrik Eriksson)
	weiss@turing.SEAS.UCLA.EDU (Michael Weiss)
write about the question of whether slats do or don't improve Cl (coefficient
of lift), in addition to affecting stall speed (critical angle of attack)...

	I'd surmise that slats should increase Cl at any given AOA.
	The reason should be that they should delay boundary layer
	transitions (laminar-to-turbulent, turbulent-to-detached),
	increasing the wing area that's working efficiently.  It's
	also true that this allows using a higher AOA, as noted by
	Lars-Henrik Eriksson; deployment of slats (and flaps too)
	DOES increase the AOA at which the wing achieves max Cl.

	An exaggerated example of this is adding a jib to a sailboat
	that formerly had only a mainsail.  Adding even a small jib
	improves the main's Cl substantially.

Paul Raveling