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Date:         Thu, 19 Nov 1992 16:30:31 GMT
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(Martin Lomas) writes:
>Fly by wire briefly explained.
>Any other critics out there?


Boeing is _very_ reluctant to use fly-by-wire.  Management
trusts computer solutions no more than members of this forum.  I
got the impression that this system has a pilot override as part
of it's basic design.  (A sort of "do what I say, not what you
think I want" mode.)

One interesting feature is the networking of non-flight related
computers.  Planes will have an internet that will also link
link to ground stations, satellites, and other planes.  They
will have the ability to do significant book-work while in the
air.  Flight crews will be able to order maintenance and
consumables, weather and traffic information can be exchanged,
etc.  It's likely there will be a network for passangers-- a big
step forward from airphone.

Boeing recently moved a great number of folks (on the order of
5000) that were scattered south of Seattle to a new facility in
Everett, Washington (about 50 miles north).  They did it on the
week-end so as not to disrupt anybody's work.  They figure this
will enhance communication among folks working.

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