Re: 737 Crash In Colorado Springs

From: (Lars-Henrik Eriksson)
Organization: Swedish Institute of Computer Science, Kista
Date:         11 Dec 92 03:35:19 PST
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In article <airliners.1992.137@ohare.Chicago.COM> (Barnick, R.) writes:
   UAL recently lost some kind of case from its female employees which charged
   gender discrimination.  UAL either lost or agreed to settle out of court. 
   UAL agreed to correct conditions which caused the suit.  One correction was
   to get more females in the cockpit.  The ill-fated 737 had a very junior
   female first officer.  The pilot was male and also junior. 

   Please remember, this is a story told me second hand.  You're getting it
   third hand.  But, if any truth about this crash is known, a sharing thought
   would be interesting.        

I suspect that many people - particularly people not familiar with
aircraft operations - would believe that the problem was that UAL had
been "forced" to put a "a very junior female first officer" on the
flight. (We must assume that the F/O was had sufficient
qualifications, even if she was quite new - every pilot is very junior
in the beginning of their careers). That was not the problem at all -
it was UALs decision to put a junior captain on the flight together
with a very junior first officer.
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