Re: objects on wing tips

From: (Christopher Davis)
Organization: Electronic Frontier Foundation Tech Central
Date:         10 Dec 92 16:07:18 PST
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RD> == Ramin Dowlati <>

(Um, your software's broken....               ^^^^^^^^^^^^)

 RD> Several years ago, the aeropspace industry introduced vertical
 RD> flap-like things on the ends of their airplane wings. I've only
 RD> noticed these on 'larger' planes such Airbus, 747-400 and MD-11.

They're on smaller aircraft as well.  The Canadair Challenger bizjet and
its big brother, the Canadair Regional Jet (which makes this article
about airliners :) have them, for example.

(Side note: ComAir (The Delta Connection) has a HUGE model of the RJ in
their gate area at CVG.  [We had a long (2 hrs) connection on Delta, I
was bored, so after having some chili I walked all the way down the
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