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From: (Harry Funk)
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Date:         10 Dec 92 16:07:15 PST
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In article <airliners.1992.116@ohare.Chicago.COM> (Duane F Marble) writes:
>A small point with respect to the material quoted from the New
>Scientist: Global Positioning System (GPS) birds do not "observe"
>anything, they just permit a ground based unit to compute it's

My guess is that he was referring to Automatic Dependent Surveillance (ADS)
systems based on SATCOM, which has even less to to with GPS/Glonass birds.

The planes [would] communicate their positions by means of a satellite link
to a ground-based tracking/control system.  United currently has a few
747-400's that are so equipped.  The major benefit envisioned is for
oceanic routes, where the fixed spacing (slots) system currently used
results in suboptimal tracks for a number of users of the system.  ADS is
the successor to the Oceanic Display and Planning System (ODAPS), which I
think is currently installed at the Oakland and NY Air Route Traffic
Control Centers (ARTCCs).  
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