Northwest cancels Airbus

From: (Ken Hoyme)
Date:         10 Dec 92 02:09:25 PST
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In article mumble mumble (Kevin Driscoll) writes:

KH>With these cancellations, it is suspected that the bases will not be
KH>built, and NWA will fly their planes to Europe for C/D checks.  Of
KH>course, they already have received and spent the operating loan....

RD> It'll be interesting to see what ramifications this has on the UAL deal:
RD>> did United plan on using Airbus/NWA North American facilities?

KD> A local (Minneapolis) TV story said that NWA is considering other
KD> airlines' use of the facilities in deciding when/if to build.

I seem to recall that at the time of the United announcement, the
Minneapolis Star-Tribune business section specifically addressed the
issue of whether United would use NWA's proposed Airbus bases in
Minnesota.  I recall a United spokesperson saying that United planned to
do their own maintenance.  

NWA has always held out the possibility of contracting out to other
airlines as the economic justification for the security of the state 
taxpayer's money.  America West is one possibility.  Airlines in Canada
are another.  (Heck - they might even think northern Minnesota is warm!!
:^|)  It was only in the recent announcement that I heard that they also
planned to maintain some of their Boeing planes in these new bases.  I
don't know what this means, since they seem to have adequate facilities
at MSP for their existing equipment.  Maybe that land has more value as
something else (like more gates...).


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