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Date:         10 Dec 92 00:52:16 PST
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In article <airliners.1992.114@ohare.Chicago.COM> writes:
>>With these cancellations, it is suspected that the bases will not be
>>built, and NWA will fly their planes to Europe for C/D checks.  Of
>>course, they already have received and spent the operating loan....

>It'll be interesting to see what ramifications this has on the UAL deal:
>did United plan on using Airbus/NWA North American facilities?

I've never seen any mention of United's plans with regard to
maintenance of their A320 fleet.  However, all of them were to be
leased (from GPA and Kawasaki, amongst others) and half of the 50
firm orders came with three-year, walkaway leases.  This would not
lead one to expect a tremendous investment in maintenance.

Perhaps someone from Indiana might be able to shed more light on
this -- I believe United's upcoming Indianapolis maintenance base
was intended to take over the 737s from San Francisco, and thus it
would be the obvious candidate for A320 maintenance if done in-house.

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