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From: (Terrell D. Drinkard)
Organization: Boeing
Date:         Wed, 18 Nov 92 22:15:02 PST
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In article <airliners.1992.4@ohare.Chicago.COM> (Jerry And
erson) writes:
>Is the Boeing 747-300 the largest commercial passenger aircraft
>in the world?  Is the -300 the latest version, or are there
>newer, possibly larger stretched versions of the 747?

No, actually, I believe the 747-400 is currently the largest production
passenger aircraft in the world.  Wingspan of 211' and max takeoff weight
of 870,000lb, I believe.  Not that I do Everett products...  :-)

>I've heard Boeing, McDonnell-Douglas and Airbus all have plans
>in the works for Really Big Planes in the 600-700 passenger,
>7500-8000 mile range.  Does anyone know if these planes are
>really going to get built, or is this the usual "if we can
>pre-sell a couple of hundred, maybe we'll really build it?"
>Does anyone have model numbers, specs (passengers, range), or
>projected delivery dates?

The Boeing and the Airbus offerings in this market seem to both hover
around 600 seats and 7,000 mile range.  Takeoff weights in the million
pound plus range.  The anticipated market, as described by John Hayhurst,
Director of New Large Airplane Division, is only a couple hundred airplanes
TOTAL.  From my knothole, it looks like a prestige fight.  But there are a
lot of interesting questions that must be answered before anyone will build
one of these monsters.

>            These numbers come from memory, and
>I have no faith in them at all:

Rightly so.  :-)

>    Company             Model    Delivery
>    -------             ------   --------
>    McDonnell-Douglas   MD-11    1993

I think you'll find that the MD-11 has been delivering since 1990.  Very
nice airplane overall.  My writer flew on one to Europe, he liked it
better than the 767.  :-)  It is probably the MD-12 that you have in mind.
It is on hold until somebody comes up with $2Begabucks to finance the

>    Airbus              AE-400   1994

You may be thinking of the A-340, which should certainly be delivering by
then.  I think it is the A-350 that is the number being kicked about for
their UHCA (Ultra High Capacity Aircraft).

>    Boeing              777      1995-6

Pretty close.  March '95 sticks in my mind for some reason, but I'm not
that familiar with the 777's schedule.  My wife probably knows...  :-)