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From: (Christopher Davis)
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Date:         09 Dec 92 18:45:35 PST
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RD> == Robert Dorsett <>

 RD> It might also be "Boeing: Planemaker since 1916," by one Philip M. Bowers.
 RD> It's an exhaustive review of all the airplanes (and variants) Boeing's 
 RD> produced, sort of a mini Jane's.  It's a long book (over 600 pages).  It
 RD> appeared at Bookstop here in Austin sometime this summer; it's about $36.

There are three books about Boeing that, together, do an exemplary job
of covering the company's growth, products, and people.

_Legend & Legacy_ is the best for "reading"; it is the one most likely
to keep you up all night until you finish.  (I believe it is also the
newest.)  It focuses on the people, rather than the products, and has
been extensively discussed here recently.

_Boeing: Planemaker to the World_ is a "coffee-table" book with plenty
of wonderful photos and charts and the like, including discussion of the
Boeing hydrofoils, furniture, Lunar Roving Vehicle, and streetcars.
(Oh, and airplanes :)

_Boeing Aircraft since 1916_ (title may not be exact, I have to find my
copy) goes into much more detail on the aircraft, including lists of
customer codes, production information, and the like.  Many b&w photos,
though it lacks the spectacular color photos of _Planemaker to the World_.

There are others, of course.  _Vision_ is a bit out of date.  _Boeing
Trivia_, by Carl Cleveland (former PR director, as I recall) is a good
companion to _Legend & Legacy_, lacking the "storyline" aspects but
adding a number of wonderful anecdotes from the "inside".
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