Re: Northwest cancels Airbus

From:         Robert Dorsett <>
Date:         09 Dec 92 18:45:32 PST
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>Their 16 A330s were not affected, but they aren't scheduled to receive
>any of those until 1997, so they felt no need to address that plane in
>this agreement.  

The 1997 figure was apparently arrived at in September, when they deferred
the A330 deliveries (originally scheduled between 1994 and 1996) to 1997 
to 1999.

>With these cancellations, it is suspected that the bases will not be
>built, and NWA will fly their planes to Europe for C/D checks.  Of
>course, they already have received and spent the operating loan....

It'll be interesting to see what ramifications this has on the UAL deal:
did United plan on using Airbus/NWA North American facilities?