Re: objects on wing tips

From: (Ramin Dowlati)
Organization: AECL Research
Date:         08 Dec 92 15:50:58 PST
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I have a few questions for any of you passenger airplane gurus.
Several years ago, the aeropspace industry introduced vertical
flap-like things on the ends of their airplane wings. I've
only noticed these on 'larger' planes such Airbus, 747-400 and
Q1. What is the technical name for these flap-like things?
Q2. Are they mobile or fixed?
Q3. Do they only serve to stabilize the flight?
Q4. Why haven't they appeared on smaller aircraft?
Q5. The ones I saw on the Airbus were shaped like a 'V'
    and symmetric with the wing tip, ie. one leg of the 'V'
    was above the wing and the other pointed below the wing.
    Whereas the ones on the 747-400 looked like extensions
    of the actually wing, but bent 90 degrees upwards.
    Why the difference?

I would greatly appreciate any answers.